Measurement of ROI

Training is regarded as not only one of the indispensable requirements today but in fact one of the prerequisites in the government sector. But, what training and training for whom? How could an organization be certain that what it expends on training does reflect favorably on the daily performance of the trainees? And that it forms part and parcel in the details of their functions?

 Vigilance Consulting has signed a deal with a US institute that is pioneer in the measurement of returns on investments in training, namely ROI Institute, which is headed by Jack J. Fillips, the founder and creator of ROI theory, and who caused a shift in the ROI views of thousands of organizations across the world of ROI from being quantitative hours to rendering it more effective, with impact and carefully selected, and more important than that how to make it produce impact on the day to day operations of the trainees.

Vigilance Consulting offers training courses for the benefit of those concerned in government and private organizations on returns on investment presented by the US ROI as well as its own consulting services related to the same field.