ROI Certification

Measuring ROI in HR, Learning, and other Projects


Start Date: 20th November 2016

End Date: 24th November 2016

Event Venue: Crowne Plaza, Kingdom of Bahrain


Become a Certified ROI Professional

Fully master all the skills you need to implement a comprehensive ROI initiative in your organization in our five-day Certification workshops. You'll gain the skills to become certified in the ROI Methodology™, and you'll learn how to sustain the measurement and evaluation process on a continued basis. You'll also receive support when you complete the workshop to conduct an impact study in your own organization. When you've demonstrated competency in applying the ROI Methodology™, you will earn the prestigious Certified ROI Professional designation.


ROI Benefits

The ROI Methodology™ is a proven method to show the contribution of programs in terms that executives appreciate. It is used to improve programs, build support, increase commitment, enhance relationships with key stakeholders, and secure funding. You will also have access to the Members Only area of our website which provides you with resources, tools, templates, and networking


Five Certification Benefits

  1. Demonstrate ability in conducting an impact study.

  2. A professional designation of Certified ROI Professional upon successful completion of your own impact study.

  3. Ability to apply ROI Methodology™ in your organization.

  4. Access to ROI Institute Resource Center.

Why ROI 

During ROI Certification, Learn How To:

Apply the ROI Methodology™ to a program in your own organization.


  1. Gain detailed, first-hand experience with every step.

  2. Calculate ROI and explain its meaning.

  3. Measure the contribution of all types of programs.

  4. Enhance program results & improve ROI.

  5. Discover how to use intangibles.

  6. Practice reporting results in an executive briefing.

  7. Explore how to sustain the use of ROI.


Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for learning and HR managers and specialists who need the skills to measure impact and ROI of all types of programs. Typical programs include technical training, IT training, compliance training, sales training, empowerment programs,leadership development, talent management, and recruiting. The process applies to facilitator-led programs, blended-learning programs, and e-learning programs.


About Patti Phillips, Ph.D., CPLP

Dr. Patti Phillips is President and CEO of ROI Institute, Inc., the leading source of ROI competency building, implementation support, networking, and research. As a renowned leader in measurement and evaluation, she helps organizations implement the ROI Methodology in 60 countries around the world. She serves as Principal Research Fellow for The Conference Board, board member of the Center for Talent Reporting, and ATD CPLP Certification Institute Fellow. Patti also serves on the faculty of the UN System Staff College in Turin, Italy, and The University of Southern Mississippi's Ph.D. in Human Capital Development program. Her work has been featured on CNBC, EuroNews, and over a dozen business journals.

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